Friendly Stones

I found a painted rock at Twin Fountains RV in Oklahoma City, then later I found another. I left the second at Wagon Master RV park by space #70 but it was still there when we left – and someone even moved the rock so it would be more visible. I liked this idea so much we started leaving stones.

The park host in Winterset had a collection of stonies – so I added mine:

I left the little stone “Texas” stone I found in Miles City and my frog rock in Presho SD – they are so nice there it seemed perfect!

We left two stones in Floyd Virginia, one on our bench and one on our neighbors, the Oakleys.

July 11, 2023 – I left Puppy in the KOA Eureka playground and the Ladybug in the campsite.

I started off our summer 2023 tour by leaving Be Happy in Springfield MO KOA k9 park. Then I was so excited when I heard from Juliana that they found it!

Juliana – Dora’s aunt – I’m from Brazil accompanying my nephews and their parents on a motorhome trip. They are making Route 66 from Chicago to California, and my 10-year-old niece was delighted and very happy when she found the little stone with drawings of bees.

I left my little fish on the picnic bench at Sunny Acres in Las Cruces, NM.

We left these stones at Colorado Landing RV Park in La Grange.

We sent these rocks to Quinn S, who had asked for rocks as a Make-A-Wish request!

When we were in Grand Rapids, out neighbor had to leave suddenly – we never found out why. I left a stone for them in his chair.

I heard from Caitlin, John’s partner below, who wrote in the comments that the rock is in Last Resort RV Campground, Pagosa Springs, CO. This was the rock we left in Salina KS by the Starlink.

When we were in Eureka outside Saint Louis, MO, I ducked a Jeep. Then Jeff put a shark on our Jeep. So I left a puppy painted rock on his electric cord.

We loved Lazy Acres in Center Point IA because it had so many cute things – a covered bridge, several trains for kids, little figures everywhere. We added to it with some custom rocks. The little train was left on the power pedestal where we stayed, site #30 and the museum stone was left by the sewer opening on site #21.

I went for a walk at the KOA in Salina KS with Izzy, and we left the Indiana rock in the dog park by the fireplug and the “Move Mountains” stone on the pedestal. Then later, Sugar and I snuck the “Puppy” rock by a Starlink dishy, the folks had been wonderful to talk to and had filled me in about the service. I heard later from John , the gentleman I talked to, and he thanked us for the painted rock.

I painted more rocks, and left the blue “Kamp Komfort” on a pedestal. I gave the white “Kamp Komfort” rock to a young man that who stayed in the spot behind us – he loved Sugar.

We did the same thing in Louisville KY – played a game and then left a rock!

Izzy and I went on a walk at Elm Hill RV Park in Nashville, TN, and left the dinosaur in the dog park. We received a comment on the Nashville travel page that the dinosaur was found!

Catherine’s Landing seemed like a great place to pull out the ducks and rocks – we left this little smiley face on top of the electrical box. Then I went back and left the “faith and hope” and the “Waggin Tail” stones.

We left some more rocks around Lake Athens RV and Marina – the penguin and the beetle.

These were left at Colorado Landing, Hedgehog, Puppy (2), and one with the park name.

I touched up all my stones at Colorado Landing.

I left these in Space 34 at Waggin Tail when we left.

I painted quite a few rocks at Waggin Tail RC Ranch, but the sun faded them.

This Bird was also left at Colorado Landing:

I received an IM from Michelle C, my flower was found in the Colorado Landing Bark Park.

This was left in one of the two Bark Parks at Colorado Landing:

I found this one at Santa Fe de Rancheros, and re-homed the little whale at Colorado Landing:

I left two at the Red Barn RV Park in Roswell, one was found by Beth Smith and posted on Instagram.

This large one was left at Cheyenne KOA.

I did this one at KOA in Billings MT and left it adjacent to our site.

I painted a rock from alongside the Beaverhead River, and left it in Dillon MT at Beaverhead River RV Park.

I ran out of friendly stones, and painted a second batch.

“Puppy” was left in Idaho Falls at Snake River RV Park.

“BumbleBee” was left in Green River UT at the KOA.

This was the one we found in Oklahoma City, it was left in Grants NM KOA Journey.

I redid my “first rock.” This one was also left at Grants KOA Journey – and was found!! Here’s their picture – read more in the comments below.

“Be Kind” was found at Oakwood RV resort, it was dropped in…Lake Arrowhead State Park.

As it turned out, I wound up starting over – and so repainted this one. Here are the ones I’ve done so far, if you find one I hope you’ll email a picture to us and we’ll post it!

“Flower” was dropped in Brownwood at Riverside RV Park.

My little dog was dropped in …Oakwood RV Park, Fredericksburg TX.

These are in the “queue..” Stay tuned!

I liked this idea so much I bought some stones and paint. I’m certainly not an artist, this my first one.

We hid this one at Wagon Master RV. This was the second stone I discovered at Twin Fountains.

This was my next painted rock to find, I have been hunting for a place to hide it. I posted it on FB RV’ers Rock, and corresponded with the person who painted it. She and her husband were both cancer survivors.

These were found at Colorado Landing in 2020 and moved:

11 Replies to “Friendly Stones”

  1. We found one of your painted rocks. At Grants KOA Journey in Grants NM. It will be making its way to the San Joaquin Valley in California. How do I post a picture?

  2. Great, if you send me a picture of the you found, I’ll post it (also when you leave it if you like)!

  3. My daughter found your rock with the orange flower on blue background at Colorado Landing RV park in La Grange, TX. It will be out of rotation for now, since she said she wants to keep it (as she hugged it). 😉

  4. I found your Roswell rock at the Red Barn and left it at the Sunflower Camp in Tubac, Arizona.
    I posted a picture on my Instagram

  5. Hi there!
    We found your rock at the Salina, KS KOA ~ our kids loved it! We decided to hide it at our most recent adventure, behind a Big Rock at the Last Resort RV Campground in Pagosa Springs, CO! Thank you for the friendly stones! Love the idea! Can’t wait to see our rock travel! Sent you IM pictures of its new hiding place.

  6. I’m from Brazil accompanying my nephews and their parents on a motorhome trip.
    They are making Route 66 from Chicago to California, and my 10-year-old niece was delighted and very happy when she found the little stone with drawings of bees.
    They were at RV Camp Koa St Louis.
    Congratulations for the initiative. Distributing good energies and love around the world makes all the difference.

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