*DETOUR* to Houston TX and MD Anderson

December 4, 2019 to
March 15, 2020


Highway 6 RV Resort
Houston, TX

Our plans were for a little downtime in Goodrich, make our way to DFW for Christmas, return to Alpine on New Year’s to celebrate the one year anniversary of starting our adventure, and then on to Big Bend for golf. As the saying goes, the best-laid schemes o’ mice an’ men often go astray, and while we were going through routine medical checkups, what I first thought was a small mouth ulcer turned out to be cancer.

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I am sorry to tell you this, but it’s cancer.

Since we live in the RV and our legal domicile is in Texas, we had three trips to Livingston planned around filling prescriptions, visiting doctors and dentists, and renewing vehicle registrations. I had noticed a small cyst under the base of my tongue and asked our general practitioner for a referral. She sent me to an ear | nose | throat (ENT) doctor in College Station, TX, and with one look he told me that the small lump “does not look good.” I realize now he knew and was preparing me for the biopsy results.

Still, however, there is nothing that can soften the words:

I am sorry to tell you this, but it’s cancer.

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Goodrich TX, with Lesley and old friends while looking for the wayward turkey

October 08, 2019 to
December 12, 2019


Magnolia RV Park
Goodrich, TX

Goodrich is something of our base, it was the first place we really parked for any length of time. We got to know the people and like everyone, especially Lesley, the owner. We were joined by a Swainson’s hawk.

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Schulenburg TX, waypoint to Goodrich!

October 07, 2019 to
October 08, 2019


Schulenburg RV Park
Schulenburg, TX

As badly as we wanted to get to Goodrich and Magnolia RV Park, our rule is no more than 200 miles per day – and we prefer 150 maximum. That meant a stop in Schulenburg, just down the road from Heather and Hallettsville. Heather brought us lunch!

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Ingram TX and the Quilt Retreat

September 29, 2019 to
October 07, 2019


Johnson Creek Resort and RV Park
Ingram, TX

In this our first year of the retirement adventure, I taught Toolkits at UTEP and the University of Houston and spoke at the Midwest Higher Education Compact in St. Louis. I was able to teach at South Dakota State in Brookings, South Dakota; at Texas Tech in Lubbock, Texas; and present on Master Planning at APPA Annual Conference in Denver with Heather. I went to Santa Fe, New Mexico for a consulting job, and to Dayton, Ohio for another one. When Elizabeth wanted to go to an RV Quilting retreat, it was my turn to follow her.

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