Us? Travel full time in an RV?…

ElizaBeth and I got interested in camping together after we moved to New Mexico in 2008. As it turned out, Aguirre Springs was only 10 miles down the road, and we first went there as we were exploring our new home, Las Cruces.

On the east side of the Organ Mountains, Dripping Springs Natural Area offers some low elevation trails that we had explored, and we went around to the other side of the Organ Mountains – although we drove around instead of going over the top. Like so many, once “bitten by the bug,” we went from enjoying camping to an RV, and in 2013 we bought an Itasca Sunstar 30T from Camping World in Anthony TX. We wrote a short post about the “old days.”

We had a gravel pad set up at our house so we could pack’n’go easily and we enjoyed RV trips on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and on three day weekends for the next five years.

As retirement grew closer, we began to seriously consider traveling and living in our RV, and as usual and in particular, ElizaBeth did copious amounts of research. It’s hard to see how any newbie could have done any better. While we learned a lot along the way and are still learning daily, we have found these items to be decisions that anyone considering this lifestyle should make.

We also want to note that we believe in sharing our experience. What’s right for us may or may not be for you, all we can share is why we did what we did, how it worked out, if we would it again or differently next time.

With that said, this is an outline of what we will be adding blog posts about, and you can watch our progress as the topics turn to links. Enjoy our blog posts:

Blog Post Directory
Before we started
What do we do with the house?
About domicile and banking
To store or not to store?
Why we went with a new Class A
(and from Camping World!)
About that TOAD (auxiliary vehicle)
We have the RV, now what?
RV initial accessory items
The coffee pot and what else?
(Non-RV essentials)
Other items we use