Woodland Lakes, Conroe TX, and an Angiogram

April 6 to
April 16, 2021


Woodland Lakes RV Park
Conroe, TX
Montgomery County

We came here to make it easy for me to get an angiogram since ElizaBeth wasn’t sure about driving, and the tests came back pretty much normal. We were so close that she was able to drive me home without incident, traveling in an RV has been a plus with the health issues.

Now that we’re vaccinated, we’ve been easing back into date nights with dinners at Outback and Gringo’s. There is an HEB down the road with Hatch Green Chile Chicken Salad, and we attended the opening day sale at Camping World

This a beautiful park on Firehouse Road – the station is just down the street.

There are three ponds, the ducks fly from one to other while the k9s watch helplessly. There is also a cool dog park.

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