Wagon Master revisited (Sanger TX)

May 23 to
June 13, 2021


Wagon Master RV Park
Sanger TX

Wagon Master RV Park and Alpaca Farm was our first trip outside New Mexico, and we became friends with the owners. It’s close to Denton where we both have many fiends, and even closer to Julia and Nick’s house. My oldest son Pat, and ElizaBeth’s daughters Amber and Stephanie also live in the area.

The park is one of our favorites and now has new owners. ElizaBeth got to see Julia, Stephanie came over to roast a duck, and I went to Arlington to see Wesley play ball. We tried that little restaurant in downtown Sanger and ate in Muenster. Charlie Jackson and I had a golf game planned, but it was rained out so we went to breakfast at the Sidewalk Cafe instead. Randy Salsman and I went to lunch at El Fenix.

We visited the George W. Bush Museum with Stephanie and Julia, it was special and I did a separate web page on that. Kyle and I also went to Beaver’s Bend State Park for three days where we fished and played golf. I made a separate page for that trip as well.

While we were in Denton, I taught a Supervisor’s Toolkit, and UNT graciously provided a room for me to teach from.

We took one day and went to the Eisenhower Veterans Monument and Loy Park Frontier Village in Denison. Afterward we went to – what else – a steak house.

We always find time to have k9 games!

I left our second painted rock in space 70, but no one found it even after the park staff moved it so it was more visible. We started a Friendly Stones web page.

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