Waco, Somewhat Back on the Road Again while Social Distancing

May 12, 2020 to
May 13, 2020


I35 RV Park
Elm Mott (Waco), TX

I still get tired easily, and we never have liked to drive more than a few hours anyway – and Waco fit the bill at 196 miles. Coming through College Station on Highway 6, we ran into a vicious thunderstorm. I was glad to stop when we did.

Izzy plays well off-leash, but we really prefer the little dogs to have a fenced K9 park for safety’s sake. This was a really large RV park with both long-term covered spaces as well as overnight spots, we’re not sure what it used to be, but it was at least several hundred acres. Our mutts weren’t sure what to think of this ceramic play pal.

These are the covered spaces, on this side the spaces back right up to the goats. If weed control is the assignment, the land can support more goats!

There is a little fishing pond in the back, a restaurant on site as well as a gym, and this looks like an old driving range. A trail with exercise machines / swings is staggered around that meadow.

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