Virginia and a visit with the Navigator’s brother

June 09, 2022 to
June 12, 2022


National Park
Ewing, VA

ElizaBeth’s brother lines in New Tazewell, Tennessee, but we stayed right by Cumberland Gap in the National Historical Park.

We were surprised to see Lincoln Memorial University, and went to the museum, then we drove around the campus. It’s 5,000 students, mostly graduate students in the law, medical, and veterinary schools.

We visited the National Historic Park visitor center, and then drove up to the overlook.

Every town describes itself as “historic,” but Cumberland Gap really is. We went to the Bicycle Museum and the 19 Grill, so named because the building was constructed in 1919.

ElizaBeth’s brother Mike has 17 acres in a beautiful spot. Dinner one night was the Frosty Mug Drive-In, and as always, a quilt shop.

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