Vernon TX – Two Great Museums!

There were two great museums in Vernon, the Red River Valley Museum on the Vernon College Campus, and the Wilbarger County Historical Museum.

Our first stop was the Red River Valley Museum on the campus of Vernon College. The Red River Valley Museum is divided up into three areas: The Berry History and Science Room, the William A. Bond Trophy and Game Room, and the Waggoner Room, A History of Ranching in North Texas.

These were from the History and Science Room:

Then we moved over to the Trophy and Game Room:

Finally, there was the Waggoner Room, with lots of ranching history from the area. I had been to the W. T. Waggoner Building often when I was growing up, and my aunt knew some of the family.

We went to lunch and then headed over to the Wilbarger County Historical Museum. It seems like many of these small towns have a local museum that is the recipient of treasures left by those who have passed on. This one was managed by a gentleman who had actually sought out memorabilia from early Vernon. One example is the hot dog cart, the gentleman who pushed that put his children through college and was well known around town.

These were my pictures:

These are other Vernon pictures, it was like Lusk in that it was just a surprisingly fun stop.

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