Livingston TX and our introduction to Escapees

April 18, 2019 to April 25, 2019


Escapees Headquarters
Livingston, TX

The Escapees have a great park nestled in the East Texas Piney Woods, and we were able to make contacts with our fellow RV Club members.

As I have said before, we seem to learn something new with every stop, and in this case, we were parked in dense woods where DISH reception was impossible. We saw a lot of people with OTA antennas (Over-The-Air) and went through the set-up steps only to find that there were just four channels available. Then we found a website that confirmed this. That led us to try internet TV, which was mildly successful, at least long enough to watch the few shows we are both interested in.

Going to east Texas from eastern New Mexico brings many cultural differences, trading French onion dip with green chile for jalapeno was one such change, and we went from cows-per-acre country to a land where it’s calculated as acres-per-cow.

Traveling across the country – at least in this area – represents a significant difference in the amount of development, and many of these roads go back to Rick Perry’s initiatives to privatize highways in Texas. We incurred an indeterminate amount of toll fares which hopefully will catch up with us before we have to pay late penalties.

As soon as we hit Livingston, it was time for date night, and we found a great Italian food place in Joe’s Italian Grill.

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