Tulsa OK, Keystone State Park, and the CAPPA Annual Conference

October 7, 2021 to
October 13, 2021


Keystone State Park
Tulsa, Ok

We went to Tulsa to attend the 2021 CAPPA Annual Conference, and we met Lee and Patty at Keystone State Park.

When we arrived we went to eat at Abuelo’s. Mostly I was teaching APPA Supervisor’s Toolkit and presenting a session titled, Creating Your Dream Retirement. There were some severe thunderstorms in the area but it was generally just rain where we were. ElizaBeth and Patty did get to a quilt shop in Sand Springs, Quilt Nuts.

We ate dinner in the park with Lee and Patty the first two nights, and ElizaBeth and I had barbecue at the RibCrib by ourselves one night.

Keystone State Park was great, and we were visited by a flock of Canadian geese on our first night.

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