Tucumcari NM, Route 66, and Tucumcari Peak

September 3, 2019 to September 5, 2019


Tucumcari KOA
Tucumcari, NM

We left Albuquerque and traveled to Tucumcari, as I had visits scheduled to discuss capital outlay at Mesalands Community College and Clovis Community College. Needless to say, we mixed business and pleasure.

I was able to visit Mesalands Community College and the home of the North American Wind Research Training Center.

After that, it was off to Del’s for date night:

On our second day, we went exploring. We went to the Route 66 Museum and drove through the NMSU Agricultural Science Center. We also went to the Railroad Museum.

Then, I had an appointment at Clovis Comunity College to talk about capital outlay.

I drove from Tucumcari to Clovis and learned a little about geography along the way. The escarpment that starts as you go into Lubbock from the east continues all the way up to the north of Clovis. I was able to drive up to the top of the mesa to Clovis, and then I came back around Tucumcari Peak.

Why does a guinea cross the road? To keep from being run over by the RV on the way to Amarillo!

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