The Museums in Kearney

We had wanted to see the Great Platte River Road Archway Monument since we came through Kearney in 2019. We also took trips to the Pioneer Village and the Nebraska Firefighters Museum.

The Archway Monument was as cool as we thought it would be, although we were surprised at the level of detail. It’s a guided tour with a speaker you place around your neck, each stop has a number that triggers the player automatically. You walk across the highway on the top level, then return on the lower level. The displays going over are about the settlers and wagon trains, and coming back the displays are about the history of road travel.

Harold Warp’s Pioneer Village in Minden was the largest collection of memorabilia that we have ever seen, there are acres and acres of displays.

The Nebraska Firefighters Museum & Education Center is a great collection of firefighting memorabilia, it is just down the road from the Archway.

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