Stephen F. Austin State Park, San Felipe TX

September 07, 2020 to
September 14, 2020


Stephen F. Austin State Park
San Felipe, TX

After we left La Grange, we went down the road to Stephen F. Austin State Park, and this time we were on the Brazos River. The original 300 settlers of Texas (“Old 300”) started at San Felipe, TX, so when we went from the Colorado to the Brazos Rivers, we were in the area where Texas was born. Over the years as the immigrants arrived by boat, the two rivers were frequently confused, and Fort Bend was founded in its current location when settlers mistook the mouth of the Brazos for the Colorado River:

We arrived on Labor Day while everyone else was leaving. For the rest of the week, there were only a few of us in the park until the weekend arrived. It is a beautiful park where several ecological zones merge, in one way it’s sort of Texas Hill Country, in another way its somewhat coastal, and then the area looks a little like Louisiana with the Spanish moss growing in the trees. The park was populated with both mule and white-tailed deer. This young deer below was more interested in Sugar than in running off. There were also some white-tailed deer that were much more skittish.

I wanted to try fishing on the Brazos, but the river was up and the bank was full of weeds as well as poison ivy. There was an abundance of trails to explore. Once again we were adopted by a little frog.

I did find Hatch Chile at Walmart, and was able to get my chile fix!

We did learn that San Felipe de Austin is the Colonial Capitol of Texas, and we paid a visit to the historic site – that deserved its own page.

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