St Louis MO, the dentist, and the attack of the macaroni

July 5, 2023 to
July 12, 2023


St Louis MO

We were able to get a clear spot where we could get both the Tailgater satellite and Starlink to connect – and with shade. That’s not that easy, either, as one points south and the other north.

The k9s makes friends – or at least, Sugar does.

We started out at one of our favorite places, I think that little bear was at their first smaller location down the road. But then, the next day we did lunch at Boccardi’s – which led to me going to the hospital after two macaroni got stuck in my throat.

SSM Health St. Clare Hospital – Fenton was really good to me, I received a bronchoscopy and they sucked out some food particles.

We went back to Washington after I recuperated, and this time stopped at OZARKLAND – mostly for fudge but also of course a magnet.

I love the dock in particular.

Afterwards, we went to Colton’s.

Then the next day, we went back for my dental appointment – and ate at Bob Evans after.

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