Springfield MO and Independence Day

July 3, 2023 to
July 5, 2023


Springfield MO

This was another repeat stop, this park made a lot of improvements since we were here!

The pepper plant is doing well, Pepper and I are doing what we do best. We added to our duck army.

We were starved when we got here, ALLI’S FAMILY RESTAURANT was a pretty good hamburger. Then on the 4th, I had breakfast with Ben Boslaugh at The Big Biscuit. While I was waiting in the parking lot, I traded ducks with two other Jeeps in the parking lot (see the Duck Duck page). AFter that, it was hot dogs on the 4th of July.

ElizaBeth and I saw this on the way in – and thought the visit was perfect for Independence Day!

I needed some emergency supplies when the check valve on the RV water inlet failed. It seems every town has an Ace hardware!

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