Springfield IL and Looking for Lincoln

July 19 2022 to
July 22, 2022


Sangchris Lake State Park
Rochester IL

We like to alternate between state parks and RV parks, as a state park provides some variety, particularly when a stop is during the week and the park won’t be crowded. Some states do better than others maintaining their parks, safety is involved, as is proximity to town. This stop was Sangchris State Park. Right off the bat, I was stung by three wasps when I opened the electrical box. This was still a nice park though.

The Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum is not part of the National Archives, and we almost missed it. It’s now our favorite museum.

We ate italian downtown after the museum at La Piazza Cucina Italiana, and the next day at Razzo’s in Rochester.

“Looking for Lincoln” is everywhere. So is corn.

Lincoln’s tomb was a worthwhile stop on our last day, as were the war memorials – WWI and WW2, Korea, and Vietnam.

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