Side trips – the New Ulm Cemetery, Haubold gravesite, and the San Felipe de Austin State Historic Site

On the way from La Grange to San Felipe de Austin, we passed through New Ulm, where my great grandfather is buried. Driving around outside the park, we came across the San Felipe de Austin Historic Site. We wound up making a trip back to New Ulm to see if we could locate the gravesite.

New Ulm is still just a very small town and the cemetery is small, but there’s no directory and it didn’t occur to us that we would just have to walk around. Fortunately, Find A Grave has volunteers who are putting GPS coordinates in for gravesites, or we would never have found it.

I was able to message and thank the person who entered the GPS for the family site for Freiderich and Henriette Haubold .

San Felipe Historic was one of those discoveries that ElizaBeth is so great at coming up with, it’s the birthplace of Texas. We really enjoyed our day visiting here. If you look in the background of that one picture, the museum has hired some specialists to build some replica cabins. We’ll be back!

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