Schulenburg TX, waypoint to Las Cruces NM!

October 08, 2020 to
October 10, 2020


Schulenburg RV Park
Schulenburg, TX

We like to try new places, but we had stayed in this park before and really liked it. It’s also the perfect waypoint on I10, as it’s 2 1/2 hours from Goodrich. There’s a grandson in Hallettsville, 20 miles away. The owners remembered that we canceled last year and asked why, it’s just a nice place.

This little duck was here last time, and he’s got a crane for company now. Pepper didn’t know what to make of him, as the duck is just a little bigger. Last time we had a date night at Lucy Tequilas and we did that again too. I did manage to get my green chile cheeseburger fix at Whataburger. We stayed on Easy Street.

We got out right in front of anther hurricane, this one was headed for Lake Charles,

I went fishing in the small pond with a Lil Smokie, before I knew it I had turtles gathering around. I gave away the little weenies, the turtles won as the last thing I wanted was to hook one. We also had to sneak back to La Grange for a Wagyu steak and noticed that La Grange has their fall flags out. It’s about time!

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