Schulenburg TX, waypoint to Goodrich!

October 07, 2019 to
October 08, 2019


Schulenburg RV Park
Schulenburg, TX

As badly as we wanted to get to Goodrich and Magnolia RV Park, our rule is no more than 200 miles per day – and we prefer 150 maximum. That meant a stop in Schulenburg, just down the road from Heather and Hallettsville. Heather brought us lunch!

We missed the Stansel Model Aircraft Museum the last time we were in Schulenburg and made it a point to go this time. Before drones and RC airplanes, there was fly-by-wire.

We also missed the painted churches when we were here last, as it was Memorial Day weekend and everyone had holiday hours. We found the St. Mary Catholic Church, Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and were able to go inside.

Then we capped it off with date night at Lucy Tequilas.

It’s a German/Czech settlement, with lots of good food.

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