Santa Fe

September 12 , 2021 to
September 16, 2021


Rancheros de Santa Fe
Santa Fe, NM
Santa Fe County

Santa Fe was a repeat stop, our spot was not particularly level. After three tries, we moved the RV and were able to make it work. I found a painted rock right off the bat!

We were there for four days, but sort of took it easy. We arrived on Sunday and of course, are always hungry after setting up. We went to Posa’s El Merendero Tamale Factory & Restaurant where I had chile rellenos again.

On Monday we went to the Whole Hog restaurant, and then just laid around the rest of the day.

I had business with the NM Higher Ed Department and met with them on Tuesday. Matt and Melissa joined us for dinner at the Coyote Grill and Cantina that night.

On Wednesday, we finally made it to the NM State Museum after all these years, and then we went to Tomasita’s, one of my favorite places since Greg Walke took me there years ago. I had – what else – chile relleno!

I played with the K9s a lot, since ElizaBeth wasn’t feeling up to par.

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