Lakeview RV Park and Houston TX

September 17, 2020 to
September 26, 2020


Lakeview RV Park
Houston, TX

We are a little tethered to Houston with M D Anderson, and for the 6-month CT scan, we decided to drive the RV to Lakeview RV Park, just down the road. We know our way around pretty well, although the route I took was a little too stressful, and we’ll be taking the back way out.

We wasted no time in finding a Whole Foods and picking out a ribeye for Sunday dinner. We had plans to go to the Houston Zoo, but Tropical Storm Beta had other plans. Instead, we mostly stayed inside and watched it rain.

On the drive into town, Izzy sidled over and put her nose in my lap, and to keep her calm, I reached down and rubbed under her right foreleg. As I did, I noticed a small growth under her shoulder so we took her to a local vet. They pulled a cell sample and think the growth is benign, and we decided to have her operated on at Calista Animal Hospital in Las Cruces.

The CT scan came back clear, and I’m good for another 3 months! Lakeview is a very pretty park. We’ll be back!

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