San Antonio TX, UTSA, and Dave Riker

May 28, 2019 to May 30, 2019


Alamo City RV Park
San Antonio, TX

San Antonio was a waypoint from Hallettsville to Sanger, and I wanted to visit Dave Riker, who was my counterpart at the University of Texas at San Antonio. I say “was” because I went to his retirement party.

NMSU Facilities and Services was awarded the APPA Award for Excellence in 2016 along with the University of Texas at San Antonio and Ohio State University. I had emailed my counterparts at the other schools before we went to the annual convention in Nashville, and we took all three facility management groups out to dinner to compare notes and celebrate. It was there that Dave and I met, and now that we’re both retired, we are collaborating by starting FM Excel to offer our services to facilities management organizations that want to achieve excellence.

In addition to attending his retirement party, we had our first business meeting, and last week we submitted our first proposal to a private university.

In what will be our future travel strategy, we took US Highway 281 from San Antonio to Sanger, eschewing the interstates.

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