Rolla MO and an old friend

August 17 2022 to
August 19, 2022


Doolittle Acres
Rolla MO

Doolittle acres is relatively new and owned by friends of Mark. The owners of the park also operated an antique store.

We went to dinner at Colton’s with Mark and Tracy, and then we got a tour of Missouri S&T.

We had dinner at the Tater Patch. And of course, there was a quilt place, Uniquely Yours. We saw Engine 1501, restored with COVID 19 payroll protection funds.

We went to see second largest rocking chair, the “Largest on Route 66.” Then we went to Uranus, where we just had to go into the Circus sideshow. They also has the World’s Largest Belt Buckle.

The park is relatively new, but they are working hard to improve it and it will be really nice one day!

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  1. Thanks Glen, I’ve enjoyed looking at the interesting places you’ve been. I just met Mark today. We’re really glad to have more Missouri at CAPPA. I’m an S&T alum, and my son is attending there now.

    1. I assume Mark told you we visited with him when we went through, we’ve stopped and seen Handwork in Jonesboro (ASU), Hadden in Little Rock (UALR), Chuck Scott in Illinois, Don Guckert and Maggie in Iowa, Angle and Angela in the Cape at SEMO, folks at Montana State and Wyoming from RMA, Schwarz at Texas State Round Rock, and Boslaugh in Springfield. It’s been great knowing everyone from all these places and then getting to visit them at their school and town.

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