Raton Pass Camp and Cafe at the top of the world! (or at least NM)

July 17, 2019 to July 18, 2019


Raton Pass Camp and Cafe
Raton, NM

We saw this Raton Pass Camp and Cafe when we came through headed north but thought it might be too tight. When we were looking for places on the return trip, the park website convinced me that we could make it work. We were sure glad we did.

Our rule is that we color in our US state map when we sleep in the state. Since we spend time in NM and Texas, we color in counties in those two states. I was disappointed to learn that we already had Colfax County from staying in Eagle’s Nest. Rain continues to follow us.

The hummingbirds were everywhere – and not frightened of me at all.

We found this exploring – an abandoned chair lift. If you can’t tell, we like to go off the beaten path and just explore.

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