Rapid City SD, the Presidents, and the 4th of July

July 2, 2019 to July 6, 2019


Rapid City RV Park
Rapid City, SD

Five states slept in now! Because this stop was over the 4th of July, we made these reservations so far in advance that somehow I had it in my mind that we were staying at KOA. We went there, and they didn’t have a reservation for us, so I looked it up. OOOPS! Wrong park. Like always, it worked out for the best, Rapid City RV Park was on top of the ridge overlooking the city and afforded a great view of the city and area.

Rapid City is known as the City of Presidents. After chasing down the quilt blocks in Lusk, we decided to see how many statues of the US Presidents we could find. Downtown has been really brought back to life; the original firehouse was converted to a brewery and they have a central plaza for events.

We had a date night at Que Pasa Cantina for dinner, funny how we always wind up at Mexican food restaurants.

The 4th of July has to have a pool, barbecue, and the Flag. We had all three.

This was yet another great park, but the weather was uncooperative once again, with some very damaging hail as well as a tornado just south of us. The nerves are a little frazzled from the weather.

We are just amazed at this grand and beautiful country.

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