Pueblo CO and 100 degrees F!

June 28, 2019 to June 30, 2019


Pueblo KOA Journey
Pueblo, CO

We left Eagle’s Nest at 8 am and were doing laundry at Pueblo by 2 pm. It’s 100 degrees F! Come to Colorado and cool off, they said. We have three states visited now, or rather, slept in per our coloring ground rules.

Not only was the temperature hot, but the clouds also looked like the storms were following us. These pictures were taken only an hour or two apart.

It doesn’t look like much to us humans, but the KOA had a great dog park from Izzy, Pepper, and Sugar’s perspective. It’s all dirt, but softer on their feet than gravel (we had crusher fines in our back yard in Las Cruces, too). We could make a long throw and Izzy could get a flat out run, even Pepper got in the act.

The KOA was extremely nice, and they had an ice cream social Saturday night. We needed it after the hot temps.

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