Provo UT and the Wasatch Mountains

July 31, 2021 to
August 03, 2021


Lakeside RV
Provo, UT


We had a beautiful drive, coming up through Price Canyon. There were entrances for the deer and elk to get back behind the fences instead of running out into the highway.

Our first night was Date Night at Ruby River. We bought ribeyes and grilled another night

We were driving across town, and we came across the Provo Pioneer Village. Our first thought was that we had seen quite a few similar “Pioneer Villages,” but they’re all different and this one was especially so. For one thing, there were quite a few docents, and they had their kids helping. These were also original cabins. ElizaBeth completed the Scavenger Hunt, and of course I liked wooden water pipe.

On the way to the first quilt shop, we stopped and saw the Provo City Center Temple, a temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints that was built on the same site as the former Provo Tabernacle.

This was a quiet little park that we enjoyed a lot, and the K9s did too. One person had a garden with painted rocks! Someone else had a sense of humor, putting scales by the dump station and a sign that indicated charges by the pound. The park was on the edge of Utah Valley State Park and Utah Lake.

We found two really cute quilt shops, one place was huge!

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