Ponca City OK and Junction West

May 15 to
May 16, 2021


Junction West RV
Ponca City OK

Ponce City was a big surprise! We thought we’d just make a quick stop in an oil town, but after we got squared away in the RV Park, we found all sorts of interesting things to see.

E. W. Marland founded the 101 Ranch Oil Company and then the Marland Oil Company, at one time employing half the residents of Ponca City. He built the Grand Home, and when it became too small, he built the Marland Mansion. Both are available for viewing.

Marland also sponsored a competition for a statue honoring the Pioneer Woman, and this grew into the Pioneer Woman Museum and Statue.

Of course, we had fun with the K9s, finding murals, and just enjoying the unique sights.

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