Carlock, IL and Kamp Komfort

June 18, 2022 to
June 21 2022


Kamp Komfort
Carlock, IL

As it turned out, Kamp Komfort was in Carlock, Illinois.

Normal and Bloomington were to the south, and we found a meat market for some ribeyes for Father’s Day. There was great family restaurant in Carlock aptly named the Carlock Family Restaurant, and we went to the Windy City Wieners after the museum.

We toured Illinois State on our own, and Chuck and Vicky Scott came out to visit. We had learned when we went to the museum that Beer Nuts are an Illinois product.

The campground is named Kamp Komfort and has lots of history. I left some painted rocks in the park.

The Cruisin’ with Lincoln on 66 Visitors Center and McLean County Museum of History are located in Bloomington, IL. This museum was very well done, and we got a Lincoln duck.

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