New Tazewell and the Cumberland Gap revisited

July 14, 2023 to
July 18, 2023


Wilderness Road
Ewing VA

This was our second time at Wilderness Road campground in the Cumberland Gap National Historical Park/

We went to Virginia for dinner after a long drive. Then it was Cracker Barrel with Vicky and Mike. The next night was Haymaker Barbecue. We ate breakfast at Gap Creek Coffeehouse in Cumberland Gap, and then burgers at Frosty Mug.

We cooked out with Mike and Vicky.

I had a little slot for the satellite we did have TV. We also had the nicest neighbors, and we got them started with ducks.

We had to go drive through Cumberland Gap.

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  1. I would just like to know if you received the photo I sent by email with my niece and one of the lovely stones they left along the way

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