Mission Tejas State Park in Grapeland and Crockett TX

April 6 to
April 9, 2021


Mission Tejas State Park
Grapeland, TX
Houston County

We found a beautiful but small spot in Mission Tejas State Park, ElizaBeth did a great job of guiding me in with only two attempts. The park was located in Weches until the post office closed, now the address is Grapeland. Crockett is the nearest town.

The park was right on the Camino Real (de lo Tejanos), which was the colonial road from Mexico City to Louisiana.

We went out to eat twice in Crockett, and we always visit the town square and the courthouse. There are usually some good eating places on the square, so we tried the Moosehead Cafe. I sent a picture of this Naval Academy blanket to Kyle.

The jail is nearly always right across the street. The pine trees were too dense for the Dish to work, but we did get OTA and could watch the news, and the internet was just strong enough that I could have a meeting. What a beautiful office it was!

We did some hiking and ElizaBeth got her camera out. This was an isolated spot that was very quiet except for a few dogs that weren’t very well behaved! We appreciate the good manners of Sugar, Pepper, and Izzy and really enjoy the K9s.

I was able to do a little fishing.

We enjoy learning our history, and it seems like we keep crossing the old trails. That’s not surprising, really, we enjoy the state highways which generally were built along the old trails. Wagons needed a level road, and as it turns out, the early trains did too. Road builders prefer level routes, so transportation tends to follow paths laid out in colonial times. State Highway 21 runs along the Old Camino Real, and in 1915, the Texas legislature commissioned the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) to make the path.

The Rice Home was an attraction in the park, and TPW also has a little museum.

We had a great start to the next leg of the adventure.

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