Magnolia RV Park and Goodrich TX

April 25, 2019 to May 23, 2019


Magnolia RV Park
Goodrich, TX

While we really enjoyed the Escapees Park in the Piney Woods of East Texas, we were nestled in some trees that completely blocked the satellite dish. We also found out that we needed to stay in the area a week or two longer than we first planned, so we moved 7 miles down the road to Magnolia RV Park. We’ll admit that we missed TV more than we thought we would.

Livingston has a great meat market, and since we frequently cook on our Traeger Tailgater, we’re always on the lookout for a butcher shop that still uses real butcher paper – and of course, has great cuts of ribeye.

We made it a family outing and took everyone to Livingston State Park.

We wound up staying at Magnolia for a month and enjoyed our time there immensely. Here are some pictures of the park, as well as the wild turkey that has taken up residence. The park owner Lesley can pretty much talk to the animals, we shared the park with the wildlife.

Livingston has several catfish places – we were close to Lake Livingston and to Houston, after all – and we tried them all to see which was best. We may have to come back and resample!

We found lots of little places to eat, the Pit Stop was one of our favorites. There were also a number of Tex Mex places – after living in Las Cruces, we are pretty critical but there are different ways of preparing food and we enjoy tasting the local cuisine.

Magnolia RV Park also has some little cottages surrounding the park, and the community was really great. Since we have to return to Livingston from time to time to take care of business, we’ll definitely be back.

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