Lubbock TX, Texas Tech Toolkit, and a Heat Wave

July 20, 2019 to July 26, 2019


Lubbock KOA Journey
Lubbock, TX

We get to add Lubbock County to our map and we’re here for a week while I teach APPA Supervisor’s Toolkit with Hilda Cordero and Michael Nevarez for Texas Tech Facilities Management. It is 101 degrees F. More to come from Red Raider Country –

Of course, we have to do a date night. Mexican food, of course.

Of course, we always have to do “date night.” Mexican food, of course.

Mostly this week was teaching APPA Supervisor’s Toolkit at Texas Tech with Hilda and Michael. We had a great class.

We did manage to sneak out for date night and eat bar-b-que for our anniversary!

And then – Guns Up!.

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