Logan UT and the Cache Valley

August 03, 2021 to
August 05, 2021


Traveland RV
Logan, UT

We stayed in Logan for two days, and were pleasantly surprised at how much we enjoyed the town. Traveland was nice, clean, and efficient. While reading the history, I learned that the name of the valley came from the fact that the mountain men stashed their supplies in the valley – a “cache” – when they trekked into the mountains.

We had to go see the Logan Utah Temple and the Logan Tabernacle. I learned that there is a difference between the two. I also became so interested in the area and history that I ordered several books on the subject.

We went to Zootah, the little local zoo, and then the American West Heritage Center, which is somewhat in partnership with the university. On the way back, we stopped at the Matthew Hillyard Animal, Teaching and Research Center in the Animal, Dairy, and Veterinary Sciences South Farm Complex. These pictures were from Zoootah, the Black Swan didn’t like me much.

These pictures were from the American West Heritage Center. Like the others in Utah, there were volunteer docents to explain the items.

Of course I had to drive through the campus, especially because the school is a land grant university. I loved the Aggie “A” on the building. I really liked this building for Public Relations and Marketing.

We had some good meals: Angie’s, “Where the Locals Eat,” and The Beehive Grill. The pictures of the safe and quilts are from the Visitors Center, the teepee was just from driving around town.

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