Lockhart TX, a daughter, and a grandkid

May 16, 2022 to
May 19, 2022


Lockhart State Park
Lockhart, TX

Lockhart State Park was our stop to visit Heather, and it also turned out to be close to San Marcos, so I could turn in our consultant’s report.

We had a date lunch at Dairy Queen, and another day we went to the famous Black’s Barbeque.

We went to dinner with Jose and Heather in Seguin at Los Cocos, then Elizabeth and I went back to visit Heather and Jesus the next day.

The town of Lockhart is one of those small town that we enjoy exploring so much.

This was cute little state park built by the Civilian Conservation Corp – the only golf course ever constructed. Sugar got to meet an armadillo! The park had obviously done a tree inventory, which I thought was cool.

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