Las Cruces NM – Visiting Old Friends

October 16, 2020 to
November 06, 2020


Sunny Acres RV Park
Las Cruces, NM

We finally made it back to Las Cruces to visit old friends and to take care of a little business. I also got to play a round of golf with the NMSU Royal and Ancient golfers.

We wasted no time with a date night at Sí Señor. We also went straight to the dog park with the puppies!

Izzy has a fatty tumor under her right foreleg that we discovered in Houston. Calista Animal Hospital feels that it is benign and suggested leaving it alone. We took the RV to John and Tom at Affordable RV and Marine where they replaced our water pump and slideout seals, as well as servicing the generator and coach. We will cross 10,000 miles on our adventure as soon as we leave Las Cruces, and we need reliability. When these two men finish, the RV is ready to rock and roll.

We love local food and ate out a lot. I bought some green chile pecan brittle and ate chile relleno from as many places as we could. Elizabeth ate at Rudy’s with her friends.

I was able to eat lunch with Alton, Kelly, and Scott. Tim came by the hotel suite to visit, and Angela stopped by the park. ElizaBeth and I visited with Sharon one afternoon. One night we went over to the Carrillo’s to eat steak and play with chickens.


Las Cruces had snowfall while we were there!

On election night, we ordered from Outback and watched the vote come in. Silly us, we stayed up to see who won!

On Friday, we picked up the puppies, and went to the dog park at Sunny Acres one last time. Then we headed out to Van Horn, where we started out in 2019 – and the adventure continues.

We enjoyed our decade in Las Cruces, and we love to go back!

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