Las Cruces NM and Sunny Acres

May 12, 2023 to
May 26, 2023


Sunny Acres
Las Cruces NM

We went a week early to attend Vanessa Carrillo’s wedding. And actually, they were already married, this was a celebration.

The wedding – or renewal, anyway – was beautiful. I saw Ricardo Rel.

We ate at all the old favorites. Si SeƱor with the Carrillos, Village Inn, Chilitos with Kelly, Lorenzo’s with Patti , Blake’s – and we got steaks at Toucan’s and grilled with Jon. We also had dinner with Scott and his wife.

My Starlink showed up, and was fast.

We went to Hatch where we got chile, and Cloudcroft. Pepper Pot is easily the best relleno.

Jesus Licona, Steve, Michael Nevarez and I taught Supervisor’s Toolkit at the Texas Tech Health Science Center.

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