Las Cruces NM, a little golf (maybe), a little work, and a large number of old and close friends!

July 31, 2019 to August 15, 2019


Sunny Acres RV
Las Cruces, NM

Affordable RV and Marine was great as always, John even drove the Sunstar over to Sunny Acres RV Park so the coach would cool down before I got back and ElizaBeth could move out of the hotel.

First things first, we had to do date night! It was lunch actually but it doesn’t matter to us.

We had some business to take care of, but primarily we wanted to visit people we have not seen since I retired, it is not like this is a tourist stop for us. We went to Toucan Market where the friendly faces in the butcher shop selected a large bone-in ribeye for me and made a nice boneless cut into two thinner strips for Elizabeth. It was good to see them, they have been there a long time. Then we bought green chile peanut brittle, my favorite and only in Las Cruces (not exactly but it sounds good)..!

I wanted to post a few more University fo Dayton pictures. Even when it’s business, traveling to another university is simply fun for me and not work. Their research institute was in the old NCR building and is something else:

We also made time to check out the steak houses!

Finally, right before we left Las Cruces for Albuquerque, I had to visit Western NM University in Silver City for my small consulting job. I stopped at the Butterfield Rest Stop on the way, something we always wanted to do – I sure wish ElizaBeth had been with me.

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