Lakeview RV Park (3), Houston TX, and MD Anderson 12-Month CT Scan

March 3, 2021 to
March 6, 2021


Lakeview RV Park
Houston, TX

We are back at Lakeview RV Park and M D Anderson for my one year scan. The scan was all clear with no “contingencies” for a change. I am still waiting on the results of a chest X-Ray however.

We like to go to Pappas, they have great barbecue. We also had a presentation to a client, and booked a motel room for good wifi – and ElizaBeth got a bathtub.

The cold weather took a toll on the plants all over Houston.

The CT scan came back clear, and I’m good for another 4 months! I would like to go see that Thermal Energy Corporation (TEC) plant one day, it serves all of Medical City and is one of the largest chilled water plants in the world.

I have been told these are Cormorants and that they are Anhingas, either way I enjoyed watching them fish.

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