La Grange TX, Colorado Landing, and Thanksgiving!

November 17, 2020 to
December 01, 2020


Colorado Landing
La Grange, TX

We had made plans to return to Colorado Landing last summer, we really like this park. There are lots of deer, it’s very quiet, and the puppies love the dog park.

We had date night at Ere’s Italian and Las Fuentes although we still do carry-out.

We toured Monument Hill State Historic Site which was right up the road. The park is also home to the Kreische Brewery and their house – which is beautifully restored.

The monument marks the tomb of the men that died during the Dawson Massacre of September 1842 and the ill-fated Mier expedition of November 1842, also known as the “black bean” incident. Nearby citizens reinterred their remains here in a common tomb so that they can be honored for their sacrifice. The site is now marked by a 1936 Centennial monument.

Colorado Landing is adjacent to the Colorado River, and the area is abundant with wildlife.

ElizaBeth made one last visit to Hallettsville to see the newest grandchild, and she brought the roaster so we could have a turkey. After that it was time for a nap.

Before I was into the painted stones, I found these at Colorado Landing:

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