La Grange TX and Colorado Landing

October 16, 2021 to
October 20, 2021


Colorado Landing RV Park
La Grange, TX

We really enjoy Colorado Landing and went out of the way to stop here.

To start with, we went to Las Fuentes. Then we watched my Frogs lose to OSU in football.

On Sunday we picked up some steaks, grilled, and watched the deer.

On Monday, we went downtown, ElizaBeth hit the two Kat’s Antique Shops. Valhalla Meat Market was bought out and has a new owner, Legacy. I bought some steaks and grilled again, and Elizabeth fixed chicken for herself.

ElizaBeth gave me a 120 color painting set, and I painted some friendly stones while we were here. I had found the little whale in Santa Fe and left it here.

On Tuesday, we went to eat at Ere’s Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria, and then decided to drive 20 miles to Giddings. We had come through there on the way into La Grange, and Elizabeth found a quilt shop, All Around the Block. However, as we were coming into town, we saw a sign for the Texas Wendish Heritage Museum – and it turned out to be one of those unexpected “finds.”

This is just a really nice RV park in a good town, mostly we just relaxed for a few days before heading to Goodrich.

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