La Grange TX (4) and Colorado Landing

May 11, 2022 to
May 16, 2022,


Colorado Landing RV Park
La Grange, TX

We really enjoy Colorado Landing and returned for another visit.

We have our favorite places to eat – Las Fuentes, Ere’s Italian, and we tried the Back Porch and Hanks Xpress, which we had seen before but never tried.

We also went to Giddings and ate barbecue at Lost Pines one day and had lunch at the Santa Fe steakhouse the next. We also went to the Whistle Stop antique shop and revisited the quilt shop. Giddings is nice little town, too.

We love the wildlife at the park, squirrels, deer, purple martins, and racoons. Pepper wanted a lizard to play with. We saw a fawn that had just been born

We finally made it to the Texas Heroes Museum!!

Elizabeth made it to the Texas Quilt Museum.

K9s, there is always those K9s we love.

I went on a rock painting binge and we ducked two Jeeps.

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