Jonesboro AR, Lake Frierson State Park, with David and Jada

April 18 to
April 22, 2021


Lake Frierson State Park
Jonesboro AR

Lake Frierson State Park was a small state with 6 RV spots, but had the friendliest park staff we have met! It was a little early in the season and cold, but it was beautiful place right in the outskirts of Jonesboro.

David Handwork gave me the VIP tour of Arkansas State. I met several of my former Toolkit students, and one made it a point to give me his card and tell how much the class helped him. It made my day.

We were able to go to dinner at Godsey’s with David and Jada, one of their sons was out of town but Wes joined us and took the picture. While we were there we “ducked” a jeep.

There is a cool museum right on campus.

Lake Frierson State Park was a definite “hit” for a good place to stay. I bought the “bream killer” for a fishing trip with Kyle later.

We had date lunches at Olive Garden and Longhorn Steak house, and we made time for a tour of AGFC Forrest L. Wood Crowley’s Ridge Nature Center.

There are always the local ACE Hardware and the quilt shops. The Navigator gets water tower pictures for me as we drive.

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