Lake Tawakoni, Point TX, and the family reunion

June 13, 2019 to June 16, 2019


Thousand Trails RV
Point, TX

We went to Point, TX to attend the Reed family reunion – ElizaBeth’s family. Particularly when you get into rural Texas, the patriotism is really on display. State pride is evident all over, too, with the Texas flag painted on barns and even gates.

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Wagon Master RV, Sanger TX, and a bunch of grandkids

May 30, 2019 to June 13, 2019


Wagon Master RV Park
Sanger, TX

ElizaBeth and I made our home in New Mexico in 2008 and Livingston, TX is our domicile, but I grew up in the Dallas Fort Worth area, went to college at TCU, and have lived and worked in Arlington, Fort Worth, Dallas, Watauga, Colleyville, Plano, Richardson, Denton, and Gainesville – and it’s where 5 out of our 8 grandkids are growing up.

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Hallettsville TX and a visit with Heather

May 23, 2019 to May 28, 2019


Knights of Columbus RV Park
Hallettsville, TX

Hallettsville is a little south of Schulenberg, although probably not that many more people will know where that town is located either. There is a very rich history in central and south Texas, and this part of the country is where the Germans, Czechs, and Austrians settled. The area is also home to ElizaBeth’s youngest daughter and her husband Jose. We stayed over Memorial Day at the Knights of Columbus RV Park, and as so many places have been already, the park was an accidental great find.

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Magnolia RV Park and Goodrich TX

April 25, 2019 to May 23, 2019


Magnolia RV Park
Goodrich, TX

While we really enjoyed the Escapees Park in the Piney Woods of East Texas, we were nestled in some trees that completely blocked the satellite dish. We also found out that we needed to stay in the area a week or two longer than we first planned, so we moved 7 miles down the road to Magnolia RV Park. We’ll admit that we missed TV more than we thought we would.

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Van Horn TX and the start of a Trost Hotel Tour?

April 2, 2019 to April 16, 2019


Van Horn RV Park
Van Horn, TX

More than one person asked us why the first stop was somewhere close to Las Cruces like Van Horn, but if you think about it, the first waypoint of a journey is generally near to the beginning just by definition. We plan to limit our driving to no more than three to five hours a day anyway, and even though setting up the RV takes only half an hour, we like to stay a day or two and see the area one that’s done. Also, ElizaBeth spent part of her youth in Van Horn, and she wanted to see how things have changed. We decided to stay for two weeks, get the RV organized, and chill out. So far, so good.

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