Idaho Falls with Kerry and David

August 05, 2021 to
August 08, 2021


Snake River RV
Idaho Falls, ID

Idaho Falls worked out to be on the way to Coeur d’Alene and Montana, but also to stop and meet David and Kerry Bowman. I’ve known them from the internet since 1997, this was truly a bucket list visit. We had really enjoyed Sioux Falls SD and Idaho Falls was just as pretty.

We usually take a quick drive around, and we stumbled right into this roundabout: “The Protector” – the World’s Largest Eagle Monument, by Vic Payne. He has works all over, including several in Artesia NM. The name of the town is, after all, Idaho Falls, although Kerry tells us that the original name was Eagle Rock – hence the eagles in the sculpture. This was on the way to a quilt shop, of course.

It wasn’t the largest dog space, but the K9s were able to play. Izzy has apparently pulled a cruciate ligament, Kerry helped me get her to the Boo’s vet. We bought Izzy a new bed that she really liked.

After being introduced to them 24 years ago on the internet, I was able to meet David and Kerry Bowman in person. We went for steaks, and then breakfast the next day. Izzy was able to meet Boo, the K9 who owns them. David shared one of his roses with us, and I had to get picture of one of the blue pine trees that are so beautiful. The smoke from the California wild fires cast a haze over the normally blue skies.

Needless to say, we had to go to the Snake River Falls, and they are beautiful. It seems every power company everywhere puts a worn turbine blade out front, we also have pictures of one at the Lake of the Ozarks. Note the bench that looks like the potato.

Elizabeth got some pictures driving in, and we always like to have a few pictures of the park where we stay. On our last night, we ate Mexican food by the Falls at Jalisco’s Mexican Restaurant. We also went by the LDS Temple.

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