Wintering in Goodrich TX (Visit #8)

March 16 to
April 6, 2021


Magnolia RV Park
Goodrich, TX
Polk County

Home to Goodrich! We got to see old Sam Houston on our travels.

We finally made it over to Gokey’s old-fashioned ice cream bar, and we also went to the Whistle Stop Cafe, El Patron, and Shrimp Boat Manny’s.

We put out the Easter and Spring garden flags. Spring is here!

The K9s are always entertaining, but little Sugar came down with an intestinal bug and we nearly lost her. She spent three days at Area Wide Veterinary Clinic where the doc treated her for a serious infection. I think ElizaBeth was glad to get her home! We were worried.

We also made it to old favorites, Joe’s Italian grill, the Pit Stop, El Burrito, and the Paradise Grille in Coldspring. Of course, most Sundays we go to J&M Meat Market for steaks.

Plant life had different reactions to the cold weather – some survived, while some others died. It looks like Lesley lost her oranges. My little finches were happy when I put the food out.

ElizaBeth and Lesley took a day trip to Lufkin.

The K9s are a big part of our little family.

This last year, Magnolia Park lost Jeff, who made the stained glass dove we hang in front, Freddy the sheltie, and this trip “the sisters” moved out. At least they’re doing okay, one was moving back to help her daughter. They rented this gray trailer.

We are ready to go out on another adventure, but first, we treated ourselves to the Blue Duck! Did I mention that we got a new rocking chair?

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