Wintering in Goodrich TX (Visit #7)

December 31, 2020 to
March 3, 2021


Magnolia RV Park
Goodrich, TX

Lesley (the owner) and Magnolia RV Park are our home park, she keeps a space for us!

This is our winter home. We take a little downtime and get our medical visits in. We traveled on New Year’s eve through a huge downpour to get here, and had our black-eyed peas for 2021 New Year’s. Julia gave me come cheesecake.

We also wasted no time in picking up some ribeyes and jalapeƱo poppers from J&M Meat Market.

Date nights included some old favorites.

The big news was the winter of 2021.

Those K9s just generally keep us entertained.

Our neighbor Jeff passed away, he was the one who made the stained glass dove.

The birds were glad we had food out!

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