Home Base in Goodrich TX

June 4, 2020 to
August 31, 2020


Magnolia RV Park
Goodrich, TX

After all this time in Goodrich, we have moved – one spot over, or perhaps more accurately, one row over. I even used a shade calculator to get the site with the most after afternoon shade, and we love it!

That tree has made all the difference in keeping the coach cool, between taking care of medical business and COVID limitations, we have been unable to stray far and didn’t make it to cooler climes as we had hoped. We did drive over to Liberty, TX; as usual, we visited the town square.

Fourth of July was spent watching Pat Green and the Houston Symphony.

As always, the dogs keep us entertained.

While we were here, I had my 90 day PET/CT scan. So far, so good. The puppies got to spend a day at Camp Run-A-Mutt. I also began to eat again, and we re-started date night, although we mostly eat in.

We celebrated our 20th anniversary on July 23rd, and my 66th birthday on July 28. ElizaBeth bought me a new shirt, my favorite style. Chief Carrillo at NMSU sent me a Las Cruces shirt.

The ground in the parks we visit is frequently hard as concrete from RV’s driving on it, so we “bring our own soil” for our garden flags and my lighted butterfly butterflies. We found this little camouflaged hitch-hiker.

ElizaBeth has turned into quite the barber from doing my haircuts.

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