Home Base in Goodrich TX (Visit #5)

September 26, 2020 to
October 08, 2020

8, 485

Magnolia RV Park
Goodrich, TX

We just feel at home at this park, we’re good friends with the owner and several of the long term tenants, Izzy can play off-leash, it’s easy to pick up mail, and there’s a really good meat market close by. We get a spot on the end of the row a little away from others, with a lot of space around us.

We had the coach and chassis batteries replaced in preparation for the next trip. I had to practice a little golf, as we’re going back to Las Cruces and I need to be ready.

In preparation for travel, we decided to get tested for Covid. Just a thought, but we may all have to get used to carrying papers related to testing or vaccination. We already found out that one of the quilt shops we know of requires a negative test to shop there.

Since we’ve been coming here, Lesley has had Freddy, a sheltie who is the park mascot. She recently adopted Parker (“Park Dog”) as the successor, as Freddy is getting on in years. Parker is a sweet puppy who likes to steal Izzy’s ball.

I got interested in the tree that was right above us, it drops these little seeds all day long that drives the dogs crazy and clogs the drain channel along the edge of the RV. In turn, we get drips of water on our heads as we come up the steps. I had to turn to Facebook for help, it turns out this is a Chinese Tallow.

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