Helena, hel-AY’-nuh, HELL-e-na, or Helen-uh

August 21, 2021 to
August 23, 2021


Helena, MT

We were only here for several days, but this was a good layover. The KOA was really good and we had a great parking space, we ate at a couple of good local restaurants, and of course made it to a quilt shop!

ElizaBeth was able to get some more great pictures while we drove.

We made a quilt shop the first stop, then we went to the Montana Historical Society Museum, and afterwards went to eat.

The museum had an entire section on the Lewis and Clark expedition, which we both love to learn more about.

On our second day, we went downtown to Last Chance Gulch. Its a shopping strip now, but was settled by four down in their luck miners in 1864 when gold was found. The area was stripped and in the first two years, produced 19 million dollars of gold. Afterwards we at at Grub Stake.

This KOA had it all: great wifi, two Camp K9s, a shade tree to the west.

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